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KSMA Denver is a branch of KSMA Global. We are proud to be in the historical hometown of Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts, and welcome you to join us.

We are a backyard tribal training group learning Aneh Palu Kali-Silat and Personal Survival Tactics under the guidance of Terry Trahan, pursuing effective skills and community through the vehicle of Southeast Asian martial arts.

With us, you will find an easygoing training atmosphere, where we trade skills, insights, and knowledge while having a fun gathering together.

Class takes place the first three Saturdays of the month in downtown Denver or Littleton Colorado. Classes run approximately 2 ½ hours and costs are on a sliding scale. More important than money is what you can contribute to the group. Please see our video page or YouTube channel to get a feel for our classes and basic movements.

If this sounds like a fit for you, contact us, and we will get the ball rolling.


There are very few people who have the qualifications of Terry Trahan.

First, from the standpoint of experience about how violence happens on the streets and what it takes to survive. Living in that environment gave him first hand experience.

Second, as a competent martial artist. In and of itself no small accomplishment with all the bad martial arts out there.

Third, as a honest-to-god thinker and analyst. This last point as opposed to what many people do. Specifically in terms of 'do you know the actual problem or are you just guessing based on what you're trained in?' Terry actually has dealt with violence, the problems that come with it and then sat down and thought about what he saw, how it worked and what didn't work.

These critical elements combine to make him well qualified to talk about the realties of conflict and violence. He's not going to blow smoke up your ass and tell you how he can turn you into the ultimate street fighter or pander to your fantasies about being an über-warrior. If you're looking for that, go somewhere else. He'll tell you about the realities, dangers and downside of violence. He'll also tell you what is important for keeping your blood leaking out on the sidewalk.

Marc ‘Animal’ MacYoung

Terry Trahan is a skillful martial artist. He's comfortable at ranges from weapon to close work and doesn't mind mixing them up. You push him, and he'll take it as far as you can handle. And with all that he is utterly controlled. He'll push you as a student and be as safe as you need. He can also think. And teach. He has a knack for finding and articulating what an individual needs to hear at that moment. And that's all okay. But that's not why I like him.

I like Terry because he's been down some dark roads and kept his soul. He has been and seen and done things that people burn out on and, I sense, he's burned himself to a cinder at more than one point. But then he decided to get better. And he did. The people with that kind of inner strength are rare. I can count all the ones I know on my fingers.

So, yeah, I'm impressed with his martial skills and his history dealing with violence and violent people professionally and always astounded by his ability to observe people. But that's nothing compared to his spirit. He is a good man and I mean both those words in the truest of the old-school sense. I'm honored to be called his friend.

Rory Miller

Terry Trahan is a rarity in the martial arts world. The majority of instructors out there talk about how you can take what they teach to the street, but Terry brought his experience to the mat. After spending years as a bouncer all over the western US, including in LA on the Sunset Strip, Terry shares his wealth of information to anyone who is passionate about learning his techniques. Amazingly enough, Terry came through that hard core experience with a level head. That even keel allows him to present his material from a point of view which few of us can.
He has been and continues to be an instrumental and driving force for Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts. His insight on violence has helped clarify the direction of the group as a whole by providing his knowledge of inter-personal conflict, both physical and non-verbal.

I am truly grateful Terry and I met.  I count him as one of my closest friends.

Jay Carstensen
Co-director, Kapatiran Suntukan Martial Arts

I met Mr. Trahan with my Capoeira N'gola Mestre in 2006 after a Capoeira class and we would, at times, hang out after class or when ever we ran into each other. Terry began to shortly train me after I mentioned my interest in Combatives/Defendu, Boxe de Rue Savate and Pencak Silat. I at the time had more interest in Savate. However, I also had some training with Chas Clements & been to a de Thouars seminar or two and realized I should spend more time with Silat. Well, he is an all around awesome bloke and I like to train with him. He is the real deal, he knows not to take himself too seriously or believes in his own fiction. All positives in my book. He has seen the elephant, but at least he has the experience along with the humility to be a realistic teacher. Plus, he is a survivor who has faced many of his own demons and realizes he is a human being who can deal when it comes down to it. Having worked with many different styles and teachers he is truly my favorite because of his story.

Troy Bernal

My training with Terry Trahan in the last year has driven me closer to the realization of how serious a life threatening altercation can become. When a situation can go from "good" to spiraling down into "ugly" in the blink of an eye. This has brought me to the point in my life where I understand that one day I may have step up to do whatever it necessary to protect myself, as well as, a loved one's life. The training Terry provides allows one to become individually creative; while at the same time keeping his students rooted in the essential basics of the art. Allowing a relaxed, informal "classroom" atmosphere, Terry has molded the group into a community-based family of martial artists. With a focus on the legalities involved and all the possible options you might be able to employ, Terry has "armed" his students to deal with life's challenges and obstacles. What a thrill and absolute joy it is to train with these guys!

Mathew J. Stewart
Shodan - Ten Chi Wa
Ninpo Taijutsu

Terry Trahan is one of the most unique instructors that I have ever known. Terry blends traditional martial arts and modern combative techniques into his own style. Terry is also one of the best articulators that I have met when it comes to explaining techniques. Terry also has a firm grasp of the legal and moral issue’s that arise when you train in martial arts.

Johnny Colvin
Student since 2009

I have known Terry Trahan for quiet awhile now. He has a reputation as one heck of an instructor in the martial field. Terry is also one heck of an operative as well. He has bodyguard experience in a high profile setting and has done extremely well in this field. Terry is also an excellent martial artist who comes with an open mind. His knowledge in Silat is top notch as is his work in the simplistic systems of WWII combatives. His special blend of Weasel Craft is just that...a special blend of what works. The good thing is, Terry explains to you why it works and then shows you how it works for you. His teaching skills are first rate. He approaches the work with passion and patience (two things that are sorely lacking in the arts). I highly suggest anyone who can to go and train with Terry. You will learn practical and tactical and get to work with one hell of a good guy.

Michael Blackgrave
SEAMOK Tactical Solutions
San Antonio, Texas

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